Lithics (2024)

Lithics is now available as a self-published photobook
First edition of 100
108 Pages, 20x26cm, 35€ 
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Lithics explores places and matter that are closely linked to early human history. Historical artefacts mingle with contemporary environments, evidence of the past with what will later become traces.
Silent protagonists are the Neanderthals, whose habitats and cultural sites in Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria have been repeatedly explored and photographically examined.
Lithics is a search for the origins of human behavior, interaction with the world and the fragility of human existence.


Lithics erkundet Materie und Orte, die eng mit der frühmenschlichen Geschichte verknüpft sind. Historische Artefakte mischen sich mit zeitgenössischen Umgebungen, Zeugnisse der Vergangenheit mit dem, was später einmal zu Spuren werden wird.
Stille ProtagonistenInnen sind die Neandertaler, deren Lebensräume und kulturelle Wirkungsstätten in Deutschland, Tschechien und Österreich wiederholt erkundet und fotografisch untersucht wurden.
Lithics ist die Suche nach den Ursprüngen menschlichen Verhaltens, der Interaktion mit der Welt und der Fragilität der menschlichen Existenz.

Strom (2022)

Strom deals with the Oder habitat from the point of view of change. The Oder, whose name translates roughly to "the river that constantly changes its course", is not only confronted with natural changes in its course, but also with the effects of human activity. The complex consequences that arise from this relationship represent the central interest of this series.

Discord (2021)

Discord explores our complex and increasingly artificial relationship with the world around us. Our interactions with animals and nature bring up mixed feelings. The natural world sparks emotions, memories, and creativity. It becomes part of where we live and our cities. We alter it, often disregarding lasting effects. This project delves into the intersections of nature and human life, revealing how they intertwine and contemplates our role within this intricate connection.